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We use 5 of the 12' Dock Torpedoes lined up in a row in order to fend off our wave runners and Yamaha boats. The Torpedoes have saved us thousands of dollars in fiberglass damage per year and our customers constantly thank us for having figured out a way to take the pressure off of them while docking. I also purchased a couple for tying up between boats when customers want to raft up.

I think you've made a great product.

Greg Young 
Owner, Waterfront Adventures
Lake Forest Park, WA


Your product IS awesome and has really assisted us in saving our smaller boat during training.

Michael Beck
Boat Operator
California Department of Transportation


The 7’ DT worked great for our recent tactical training.  We had a private citizen volunteer his personal boat to assist with on-the-water scenarios and the DT helped keep his boat free from damage.

Dave Dahms
Boating Program Manager / Boating Law Administrator
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation 



Bob's Now Wake Zone radio program review: 




I just what to say thanks for having this product...I think it's going to be the ticket for saving our boat from damage by the docks.

Clara Suchodolski
Dayton, WA


"My slip is oriented East/West. I was backing-in Sunday afternoon when a strong wind gust from the north blew me into the adjacent piling. The Dock Torpedo easily absorbed the impact with no damage to my boat…or even to the Dock Torpedo itself. No other single fender would be effective in this situation. I have since started using the Torpedo when swinging into the narrow fueling station at the marina. The Torpedo is always in perfect alignment , so I can pay attention to where I’m going rather than to where a bunch of fenders happen to be hanging at the moment. Great product!"

Ed Antkowiak
Fond du Lac, WI






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